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A person is made of whatever is firmly established
As the truth of his being in his own mind:
That he is, naught else.

Vasistha’s Yoga, III.88

Workshop Warriors: Learn Today, Teach Tomorrow?


Gathering round a Great Master after an intense practice session many years ago, one of my colleagues turned to me and said, “Wow, I can’t wait to teach that to my students.”  “What?” I retorted, an irritated tone combining incredulousness and indignation. We (his students) had convened from various corners of the world to study, to be guided, to experience… Read More

Yoga Creates Problems


Yoga creates problems.  Big problems.  At the heart of it, yoga messes with your mind.  Take everything you’ve done – all that physical beauty, those admirable personality traits, the joy of fulfilling relationships, your productive business deals – and unhinge yourself.  Or, put more accurately, unhinge your identity, the way you perceive your value as a result of those accomplishments. … Read More

Yoga as Therapy: Pain Medication


The choice to embark upon a journey away from pain medication can be frightening, disheartening, and unsupported by many interlocking systems that overlap in a person’s life (palliative medicine, family structures, physical ailments, mental patterns and emotional experiences, to name a few).  This is not a decision to be taken lightly, without proper medical guidance, and may not be appropriate… Read More

What Kind of Yoga Do You Teach?


Oh god . . . here it comes.  I can feel the question forming, like molecules of water gathering critical mass before dropping their clustered wetness to gravity, penetrating my dry, warm skin:  “What kind of yoga do you teach?” “Uhhmm,“ and it escapes. A shapeless sound from my throat like an animal grunting to stall, bargaining for a moment… Read More